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Ohio Testimonials

"Larry's program exceeded my expectations. He was able to capture students' attention during the assemblies and workshops! It was a very educational and fun day that the students will remember for a long time!"
Jim Cypher - Principal
Shawnee Elmwood Primary School

Lima, Ohio

(Larry presented Red, White, Blue & YOU, Follow the Leader, and all three of The Magical World of Science assembly programs for this school)


"Larry Wirtz's The Magical World of Science was a wonderful choice for our evening family night program! Everyone (students and parents) enjoyed this exciting presentation of science. I highly recommend this program."
Linda Meyers - PTO President
Beverly Elementary School

Toledo, Ohio


"Larry Wirtz's 'Follow the Leader' program had our students' rapt attention. Through vivid imagery and magic tricks, our students learned that the caring majority has more power than bullies if we just choose to use that power and take care of each other."
Mark Esselstein - Principal
Parkway Elementary School

Rockford, Ohio


"Larry Wirtz's The Magical World of Science does an excellent job of introducing numerous scientific principles through many demonstrations. I would highly recommend Mr. Wirtz to any school who wants to get the students excited about science!"
Eric Deisler - Science Teacher
Paulding Middle School

Paulding, Ohio


"I would like to thank you for traveling to our school to share your science education program with our gifted population at the banquet for gifted students, and also to stimulate 500 other students in Lincoln School to think about science.

Your program is very appropriate for all ages and our parents and children loved it. They were especially intrigued with the electric chair and the fact that a jet engine could be accessed so easily in a garage sale.

I, as a teacher, was so elated that you would give Tesla the recognition that he deserves. His life is a story for gifted students to examine. The components of ethics, whose ideas are given the proper credit, etc. are a great lesson for gifted students.

Thanks again for giving our school a great science education program."

Carolyn Bearden - Gifted Education Specialist
Lincoln School

Findlay, Ohio


"Thank you so much for your performance of Follow the Leader. You program was very energetic and entertaining for our students. The message of making good character choices and how to recognize and stand up to bullies was clear for our children. I hope that more schools choose to have you present this program to their students."
Tracey Nissen - Counselor
JFK Elementary School

Kettering, Ohio


"Mr. Wirtz did a wonderful job of entertaining as well as educating our student body. His messege was meaningful and fun. We truly enjoyed his show."
Brenda Boeke - Principal
Minster Elementary School

Minster, Ohio



"Larry Wirtz's Red, White, Blue & YOU program coordinated very well with our school priorities on citizenship and pillars of character. the students and staff truly enjoyed this fun and educational program. I would recommend this wonderful program to any school!"
Bob Neubauer - Principal
Bauer Elementary School

Springboro, Ohio


"Larry Wirtz's The Magical World of Science is a great show! Larry has such a gift, to make learning fun while interacting with students on their level. We look forward to having Larry return back to our school for another visit! Highly recommended!"
Sherry McNary - PTO
Dohron Wilson Elementary School

Mechanicsburg, Ohio


"Follow the Leader is a great program. Mr. Wirtz held the attention of all 475 kindergarten through second grade students. Aligned to Ohio Content Standards, students learned how to be good citizens. Students were challenged to care for others in a effort to stop bullying. I strongly recommend Follow the Leader to other schools!"
Troy Armstrong - Principal
Leggett Street Primary School

Wauseon, Ohio


"Mr. Larry Wirtz was an incredible and dynamic speaker! He kept our primary students' attention for 45 minutes. That is a feat in itself! Larry had such an important yet challenging message to deliver. Not only did he speak about bullies and victims, he also shared information about caring people and how they can make a difference. He delivered his message through his wondrous magic. We're still trying to figure out how he managed to put the newspaper back together! Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of the students and staff at Berlin Elementary School."
Mary Kuhl - Teacher
Berlin Elementary School

Berlin Heights, Ohio


"Mr. Wirtz presented an entertaining yet poignant program. His message was clean, and the students were moved."
Cheryl Sterice - Principal
Milan Elementary

Milan, Ohio


"Larry Wirtz's Follow the Leader program was just outstanding. Our student body was truly impressed. Our students learned that a caring attitude and approach to school problems has a greater impact on a 'bully' than just ignoring or accepting the status quo."
Sam Beckley - Principal
Ridgemont Elementary School

Mt. Victory, Ohio


"Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our school and sharing your important message about our great country. I highly recommend Red, White, Blue & YOU to any school."
Cathleen Sawyer - Principal
Maple Elementary School

Chardon, Ohio


"Red, White, Blue & YOU was a wonderful program that really connected with our students. Thank you very much."
Jen Kreuz - Teacher
Park Elementary School

Chardon, Ohio


"The direct message of being a bully is not ok, that it is wrong was very powerful. There is something wrong when children think it's ok to hurt others. Also all students were impacted, whether they were the bully, the victim, or the bystanders who did nothing."
Denice Hirt - Principal
Otis Elementary

Fremont, Ohio