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Michigan Testimonials

"Larry did a GREAT job with our kids. He kept them interested, amused and educated them. The show is lively and helped bring science to life. The presentations are more than entertainment - they are educational!"
Karl Pilar - Principal
Cedar Springs Middle School

Cedar Springs, Michigan


"Larry's 'Follow the Leader' program was excellent! His message of courage, compassion and character held our students spellbound. His excitement and enthusiasm are contagious. i would recommend this programs without hesitation."
Michael Ykimoff - Principal
Bean Elementary School

Spring Arbor, Michigan


"My students and staff enjoyed Mr. Wirtz's Red, White, Blue & YOU program. His magical talents amazed everyone. His humor and wit is outstanding. His focus on the Pledge of Allegiance, Bill of Rights, freedom and The Pillars of Character made a positive impact on all our students! I highly recommend this program!"
Catherine LaValley - Principal
Pennfield Central

Battle Creek, Michigan


"Larry makes excellent use of humor to teach scientific principles. He also emphasizes the need for caution and safety. His program was very appropriate for all of our third through sixth grade students."
Les Collins - Principal
Watervliet North Elementary

Watervliet, Michigan


"We love your Magical World of Science presentations. The follow up sessions were a great idea. Thank you for making learning about science so much fun."
Jeni Harris - Teacher
West Lake Elementary School

Battle Creek, Michigan


"My name is Valerie Wallace and I have been the Cultural Arts Coordinator for Lakes Elementary School in Rockford, Michigan for the past 3 years. 2 years ago, I employed Mr. Wirtz for a science day at our school, and what a 'Hoot!' He reminded me of Robin Williams in the movie Flubber! He did two assemblies for the entire school which had the children completely involved in learning and laughing, then he went into each individual class of 3rd through 5th graders and concentrated on electricity. 'A great time was had by all!' My 5th grade teachers actually requested that he return to our school this past January to help prepare the kids for the MEAP testing. Larry incorporated our science curriculum into the assembly and reinforced everything that had been previously taught. (We still have toilet paper stuck in the cross beams of our library!)

I can't recommend Larry Wirtz enough! Even though I will no longer be at this school anymore, I know that he will be asked back again next school year. He has a rare talent for combining fun and learning together and keeping it interesting and exciting for a variety of ages in one group."

Valerie Wallace - Cultural Arts Coordinator
Lakes Elementary School

Rockford, Michigan


"My name is Mrs. Alicia Dickens, and I am a first grade teacher at Miller Elementary in Cement City, MI. I was privileged to listen to and participate in Mr. Larry Wirtz's Character Education program today.

The program addressed the effects of bullying, how it can make the victim of a bully feel, and what other can do to help. THe children were very involved and engaged in the presentation and seemed to really understand the important message that Mr. Wirtz presented. They were amazed by the magic tricks that were incorporated and entertained by Mr. Wirtz's funny and engaging personality throughout the presentation.

I highly recommend Mr. Wirtz's Character Education presentation as a beneficial and worthwhile program to be brought into schools."

Alicia Dickens - Teacher
Miller Elementary School

Cement City, Michigan


"Larry Wirtz's Magical World of Science was a wonderful experience for our children. Larry holds the audience in the palm of his hand for the entire performance. Very educational and worthwhile for all of our K-5 students. Larry teaches as well as entertains and stresses safety throughout his assemblies."
Tom Huff - Principal
Gobles Public Schools

Gobles, Michigan


"The Follow the Leader assembly was a fantastic way to kick-off a new school year. We will be using the ABCs and bullying information throughout the year.

Larry Wirtz was fun and energetic throughout his program on the serious topic, bullying. He grabbed the students' attention and held it."

Dayna Ellis - Principal
Twin Rivers Elementary School

Muir, Michigan


"Super program! Larry Wirtz does an outstanding job in presenting scientific principles in a fun, creative way. Very worthwhile."
Paul Keresztes - Principal
Galien Elementary School

Galien, Michigan

"Larry Wirtz's program Red, White, Blue & YOU is a very educational, interesting, fun-filled program that students and staff truly enjoyed. I would recommend this wonderful program to any school!"
Craig Badman - Principal
Riverside Elementary School

Constantine, Michigan


"The Magical World of Science presentation is fun, fast paced, attention getting, and on the mark in the science it presents. Larry has the unique ability to keep the kids focused and involved for the whole presentation. This is a must for your assembly schedule."
David Vanden Berg - Teacher
Alward Elementary

Hudsonville, Michigan

(David won Teacher of the Year Award by the Michigan Science Teacher Association)


"Follow the Leader is an excellent program. The message is one that students will take with them and remember for a life time! We work very hard to create a safe, exciting, bully free, respectful school atmosphere for all our students and staff and Larry Wirtz's Follow the Leader related very well to our priorities! I would highly recommend this assembly to any elementary or middle school!"
Stacey Bouee - Principal
Boyce School

Ionia, Michigan


"Larry Wirtz's program Follow the Leader was spectacular. His presentation captivated our audience of 600 fifth and sixth graders. The topics were presented in a very age-appropriate, entertaining manner. Thank you for sending such an important message to our students."
Angela Anderson - Teacher
Creekside Intermediate School

Dexter, Michigan


"We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your program during our Science Fair last week. Putting on a program in an open gym, surrounded by 40 science centers and competing with a traveling zoo and hundreds of science projects might have undone some people, but you rose to the occasion and the whole show was awesome.

The organization of the program and the information in the program were great. Your ability to capture and hold the attention of such a mixed audience was terrific! You certainly do make science come alive!

Thank you again for being such a wonderful addition to our Science Fair."

Joan La Mourie - Principal
Whitehall Shoreline Elementary School

Whitehall, Michigan


"Mr. Larry Wirtz presentation for our 6th and 7th grade classes was informative, interesting, and enjoyable. He has the nack of effective communication with this age group. The students laughed and watched and listened with interest. This was a great finish to our science week."
Patrick Price - 7th Grade Science Teacher
Fennville Middle School

Fennville, Michigan


"Larry's presentation is excellent. He gives accurate scientific information in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend him."
Mary Calsbeek - Teacher
Coloma Middle School

Coloma, Michigan


"Today we had the privilege of hosting Larry Wirtz and his Magical World of Science. He delivered two performances to our K-2 building of 730 students. The students and staff alike were absolutely delighted as scientific principles were demonstrated through Larry's 'magic.' Principles were explained at an appropriate elementary level and Larry often reviewed and checked for understanding. Larry's Magical World of Science served as a great kick-off for our upcoming Science Fair.

Larry's program is fun, entertaining, and educational!"

Karen Kearcher - Supervisor of Instruction
Mattawan Early Elementary School

Mattawan, Michigan


"Larry Wirtz's energy and humor was very effective in engaging students in the study of Physical Science. He taught tons of science through his exciting demonstrations and experiments. Students were riveted as Larry performed. THe workshops after the assemblies were especially useful for students to have and opportunity in a more intimate setting to engage with Mr. Wirtz. This is a performer and he definitely earned his money."
Frank Sander - Principal
Wattles Park School

Battle Creek, Michigan


"The program and workshops by Larry Wirtz are entertaining and exciting. Physics is a difficult concept that Mr. Wirtz demonstrates with flair and enthusiasm. This is an assembly worth attending."
Darcel Hall - Principal
George Long Elementary School

Grass Lake, Michigan


"It was great fun having you work with our fourth graders today. You combined learning with hands-on fun. The kids really enjoyed the program and learned a lot in the process. As a teacher, I was glad to see a program encompass so many of the objectives of our own curriculum as well as the National Science Standards and MEAP objectives.

Larry worked with each of our fourth grades and had the children literally hopping in their seats. We enthusiastically await his visit next year."

Susan Zygadlo - Teacher
Lawton Elementary School

Lawton, Michigan

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