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Larry Wirtz Postal Box 837 Crown Point, IN 46308

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Kentucky Testimonials

"Simply wonderful! Larry spent the day at our school with assemblies and workshops and everyone loved him! I highly recommend this master presenter of science!"
Shelly Latta - Science Coordinator
South Middle School

Henderson, Kentucky


"We had Larry Wirtz visit us twice in the same school year. First was one of his exciting Magical World of Science assemblies that included forth grade workshops. The second was his dynamic bully prevention program, Follow the Leader. This was a moving assembly that was beneficial for our student body!"
Mrs. Larimore - Principal
Spencer County Elementary School

Taylorsville, Kentucky

(Larry presented Red, White, Blue & YOU, Follow the Leader and The Magical World of Science assembly programs for this school)


"I thought he did a great job showing the kids it can be fun to learn. He also did an excellent job of showing how all students are related. The program was very enjoyable!!! Great Job."

Bev Hill - Teacher
Taylorsville Elementary

Taylorsville, Kentucky


"I would describe his show as a fun mix of science, magic, and stand-up."

Brandon Nichols - Teacher
Taylorsville Elementary

Taylorsville, Kentucky


"We had Larry Wirtz with his Magical World of Science visit our school. The students were excited with his high energy approach to teaching. Also, his follow up workshops were very beneficial! Highly recommended!"
Donna Hawkins - Principal
Roby Elementary

Shepardsville, Kentucky


"Larry Wirtz's Red, White, Blue & YOU assembly program was wonderful. It was a fun way to learn about citizenship, patriotism and the Pillars of Character. I would recommend this program to any school!"
Lee Anne Ryan - Principal
R. C. Hinsdale Elementary School

Edgewood, Kentucky


"Larry Wirtz's The Magical World of Science program is extremely entertaining all the while educational for all grade levels. His assembly and workshops covered relevant core science content as well as teaching the concepts in an entertaining, visual format. The students couldn't stop talking about the presentations! Highly recommended."
Terry Price - Principal
Freedom Elementary School

Shepardsville, Kentucky


"I thought he was very interesting and entertaining. He sparked interest in the children and they responded very positively. It would be great to have him back again!"

Macca Eye - Teacher
Taylorsville Elementary

Taylorsville, Kentucky


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