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Indiana Testimonials

"WOW! Larry's presentations are outstanding! His contagious enthusiasm for science was a breath of fresh air to our students and staff!"
Chris Gensinger - Principal
Eisenhower Elementary School

Warsaw, Indiana

(Larry has presented Red, White, Blue & YOU, and all three of The Magical World of Science programs for this school)


"Our school was absolutely delighted with the performance of Larry Wirtz's Red, White, Blue & YOU program. The pace and the energetic delivery of Mr. Wirtz kept both students and staff entertained while reminding them of what's important in this great land of ours. Well done!"
Michelle Stewart - Principal
Elliott Elementary School
Munster, Indiana


"Red, White, Blue, & YOU is an outstanding program that is very informative and relevant to the issues that we cover in our curriculum and that are occurring in the world at this time. This was an excellent addition to our school year. Highly recommended!"
Keith Brasher - Principal
Graysville Elementary School

Graysville, Indiana


"What a wonderful way to teach students about character! We focus on Life Skills at our school, and Mr. Wirtz's Follow the Leader blended perfectly with our curriculum. He relates so well with children of all ages (including the staff) that is worth every dime! Highly Recommended!"
Patricia Dickerson - Principal
Lincoln Trail Elementary

Lamar, Indiana


"Larry has a very special gift. He can speak to all ages about bully prevention and has a way of also touching and changing people into believing in themselves. I have been teaching for 24 years and have never heard a speaker speak with such a powerful message."
Meleta Beach - Teacher
Pioneer Elementary School

Royal Center, Indiana


"Mr. Wirtz's 'Follow the Leader' character development and bully presentation caught the students' attention and held their interest throughout the entire presentation. Captivating! Magical! Relevant! He gave practical strategies all kids could use immediately. It is applicable to all grade levels."
Laurie Simms - Principal
Beiriger Elementary School

Griffith, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz performed his unique program called Red, White, Blue, and YOU. He addressed an audience of Kindergarten through 6th grade. The program was outstanding. His ability to bring forth a message of love for freedom, country, and fellow man through magic was remarkable. Lanesville students were captivated by the approach and I believe his message was well received."
Marsha Himmelhaver - Principal
Lanesville Elementary School

Lanesville, Indiana


"Our staff and students were very excited about The Magical World of Science! Larry did a tremendous job keeping all the students involved and in tune with his presentation. The only complaint I heard - 'It wasn't long enough!' The hour went by very quickly. We will have Larry back to our school at some time in the future."

Anthony Strangeway - Principal
Lantern Road Elementary School

Fishers, Indiana


"Larry kept our K-3 students at full attention as he wove magical tricks throughout his presentation of important american concepts. Lots of laughter, claps, and learning! Our intermediate students gave Larry a full thumbs up for Red, White, Blue, & YOU. Bring him back!"
Gwinn Gibbs - Principal
Garrison Elementary School

Richmond, Indiana


"I feel Larry's program separates itself from others because we chose to have him stay all day. He provided a full assembly program and separate mini-programs for appropriate grade levels. Many times you pay for just a 30-45 minute program as opposed to his all day option.

Science is often overshadowed by the language and math areas in elementary school. A program of this nature helps to kindle interest in science. Larry's program focused on hands-on demonstrations and interactive activities. If your school is looking for an alternative to the traditional assemblies, I would highly recommend Larry Wirtz."

Randall Atkins - Principal
Eastbrook Washington Elementary School

Marion, Indiana


"The program Red, White, Blue & YOU that Mr. Wirtz performed at North Side Elementary was very good in informing students about tolerance, patriotism, citizenship, and everyday life skills. He was able to keep students' attention by using humor and magic during his presentation. "
Mark Winkle - Principal
North Side Elementary School

Union City, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz's science presentations astounded our students with his 'magical' scientific concepts. His presentations are jam-packed with exciting moments, surrounded by sound teaching of science phenomena."
Kathy Wiley - Principal
Northeastern Elementary School

Fountain City, Indiana


"Mr. Wirtz's message to the kids was very powerful. He made them understand how their decisions can influence others and how showing other that you care can provide the motivation an individual needs to stand up to a bully."
Mitch Fortune - Principal
Newby Memorial Elementary School

Moorseville, Indiana


"Thank you for the excellent presentation. You are able to bring sophisticated science knowledge down to the students' level of understanding. Therefore, you are opening an area of study they can research to obtain more understanding. You start them off with the basics and away they go."
Margaret Alexander - Teacher
Cooks Corner Elementary

Valparaiso, Indiana


"Larry did a wonderful job presenting to our 1-8th grade students. He spoke to each group of students on a level they could understand. He was passionate about the subject and his magic tricks captivated the audience. I would recommend his program."
Jenny Scott - Counselor
Shakamak Jr, Sr School

Jasonville, Indiana


"Follow the Leader is an excellent program and Larry Wirtz is a master at getting and holding a student's attention. He cares for kids."
Ritch Luker - Principal
Winslow Elementary School

Winslow, Indiana


"My school and students have had the pleasure of seeing Larry Wirtz's Magical World of Science on two different occasions this year. Both programs, Physics I and Physics II, proved to be educational and entertaining. Larry has a unique presentation style which captivate his audience through a balanced use of practical experiments, magic visual aids, and dialogue. Student interest remains high throughout his presentations and audience participation was incorporated to add yet another positive touch during the programs. I was especially impressed to see that Larry encapsulates his program with a few summary questions to make sure that the students learned the basic concepts presented.

In addition to Larry's assembly programs, he graciously offers three to four workshops with groups of 40-50 students to give them a more in-depth look at the science objectives presented earlier in the day. I have attended these workshops and found them to be extremely productive and enjoyable to our students and staff. Larry's ability to inject humor and practical examples compliments the workshop format. Students are highly involved and given ample opportunity to ask questions or participate in a demonstration.

In closing, I highly endorse Larry Wirtz's assembly programs and workshops. In addition, I would recommend his assembly programs to administrators from elementary through high school with confidence that Larry will provide a program suited to the school's expectations."

Chris Gensinger - Principal
Eisenhower Elementary School

Warsaw, Indiana


"Many thanks for the wonderful science demonstrations you presented to our students this morning. I do believe that in the many years you have been coming to our school, this year's program is the best yet. Our students were highly engaged. Program content was highly focused and demonstrations promoted rich understanding of concepts. You brought meaning and relevance to the field of science - just what our fourth and fifth graders needed to inspire them for the upcoming science fair and just was all student need to promote a love of science."
Bobby Prewitt - Principal
VO Isom Central Elementary School

Greenland, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz presented The Magical World of Science to our elementary school today. It was a wonderful presentation. The children AND adults learned a lot while being highly entertained. Difficult physics concepts were presented at a level that was understandable to elementary age children. I would recommend Larry to any school interested in a quality science assembly. "
Marla Threewits - Principal
North Side Elementary School

Union City, Indiana


"Mr. Larry Wirtz visited our school today and presented a magical show, but this was not just a magic show, it also contained a lesson. Our students were exposed to what it means to be patriotic. We are a C.L.A.S.S. (Connecting Learning Assures Successful Students) school. Our discipline plan is connected to the six core values that we call 'life skills.'

We found Mr. Wirtz to be enthusiastic and interesting. He held our students attention and allowed them to be interactive as well. We enjoyed the show immensely. "

Debbie Esarey - Assistant Principal
East Washington Elementary School

Pekin, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz's program is entertaining and touching. Our middle school students responded enthusiastically to the magic tricks, and the message is one that all of them needed to hear. It was well worth the time and money!"
D'Ann Mcdermott - Teacher
Lowell Middle School

Lowell, Indiana


"Larry had the students attention from the very beginning with his magic tricks! Our students were very involved and a lot of laughter was heard throughout this convocation. I was approached by many teachers after Larry's presentation expressing their appreciation of the quality of content Mr. Wirtz's show contained."
Monica Smith - Counselor
Randolph Southern Elementary

Lynn, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz's program 'Follow the Leader' combines the best examples of how children should react and respond to situations of bullying. His presentation emphasizes the empowered role of a bystander and the need to help kids develop positive self-images, confidence, and unity. Students and staff alike will be awed by this program. It makes us all think about how we interact in all our relationships."
Matt Haren - Teacher
Woodside Middle School

Fort Wayne, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz recently visited New Britton Elementary and presented his 'Magical World of Science' program. The students, staff, and parents found his program to be educational and entertaining. While some other programs have been fun to attend but had little educational value, Larry's emphasis was on science education presented in a very lively and entertaining manner. Students in grades K-4 left with a clever understanding of magnetism and the Bernoulli principle. Mr. Wirtz's design of showing multiple examples of both of these two science topics allows him to have a longer lasting impression on students and to reach all of our age groups. Larry left the students excited to be learning science.

I personally found Mr. Wirtz to be very accommodating, professional, and easy to work with as we arranged for him to come on the day of his presentations. He presented the same program twice during the day each time to half our students, and then presented a different program that evening in conjunction with our science fair awards ceremony. It was very beneficial to have the same presenter be able to provide two different programs in the same day."

Michael Zahm - Principal
New Britton Elementary

Fischers, Indiana


"Larry captivated our entire student body. It was wonderful to see the students so excited about learning! I would highly recommend this program!"
Gary Twomey - Principal
Washington Jr. High School
Washington, Indiana

(Larry has presented all three of The Magical World of Science assembly programs for this school)


"Larry's Red, White, Blue & YOU is an outstanding program that effectively teaches the harder abstract concepts of patriotism. Through the artful combination of historical facts and traditions with exceptional magic skills, he effectively gives the students a concrete visual to help them understand and remember some of the most difficult concepts we try to teach our students. Highly Recommended!"
Donna McClary - Principal
Lima-Brighton Elementary School

Howe, Indiana


"Over the years Mr. Wirtz has presented many programs for our staff and students. I continue to ask him back because he provides a quality program that is entertaining to the students but always delivers a powerful message! I would recommend any of his programs without hesitation!"
Steve Meadors - Principal
Petersburg Elementary School

Petersburg, Indiana

(Larry presented Red, White, Blue & YOU, Follow the Leader and all three of The Magical World of Science assembly programs for this school)


"Larry's 'Follow the Leader' program was an emotional program that spoke to ALL of our students. I highly recommend this powerful program!"
Mark Harris - Principal
Lester B. Sommer Elementary

Crawfordsville, Indiana


"I have seen a lot of assemblies and Mr. Wirtz's The Magical World of Science is truly an outstanding way of exciting students about math and science! This wonderful program was very digestible for all of our students. Highly recommended!"
Andy Schemenaur - Principal
East Elementary School

Portland, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz's 'Follow the Leader' program was excellent. The students were totally involved and listened intently to the very important message that he was sending. The ending of his program brought tears to several of the staff in the room and sent an intense message that I don't think students will ever forget."
Jan Hines - Principal
Kolling Elementary School

Saint John, Indiana


"Mr. Larry Wirtz brought his assembly The Magical World of Science to Lima-Brighton School. His all-school assembly held the attention of 300 students in grades K-5. He spent the day in our building, going from grade to grade doing workshops for each smaller group of students. He was very well received at each grade level and his presentations were appropriate for each grade level. His mixture of knowledge and humor create an environment where the students are learning and having a great time doing it. This definitely was a posing learning experience for all our students and staff and we would recommend his assembly and workshops to any school."
Donna McClary - Principal
Lima-Brighton School

Howe, Indiana


"We really enjoyed your program content and presentation style. You had our students captivated from the very start and held their attention throughout the assembly. Your humor was also appreciated and well received. Great job and we look forward to seeing you again."
Jon Leach - Assistant Principal
Hamilton Heights Middle School

Arcadia, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz accomplished a wonderful feat. He held the attention of 530 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students for one hour. Not only does he relate well to students, but the students learned principles of energy while being entertained by a master teacher/performer."
Patricia McKinney - Assistant Principal
Portage Middle School

Fort Wayne, Indiana


"Mr. Wirtz over the years has presented many programs for our staff and students at Petersburg Elementary. I continue to ask him back because he provides a quality program that is entertaining to the students but always delivers a powerful message."
Steve Meadors - Principal
Petersburg Elementary School

Petersburg, Indiana


"Every year we wait with great anticipation for Larry Wirtz and his Magical World of Science programs to visit our school. Mr. Wirtz has a way of combining science, magic, and humor to create a fascinating show that everyone talks about for a long time. He knows how to generate excitement for science."
Carol Spires - PTO President
Iddings Elementary School

Merrillville, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz's new program Red, White, Blue & YOU was exciting and informative for students and staff alike. Everyone at Mullen School was enthusiastic about Mr. Wirtz's performance and we look forward to a return visit!"
Peggy McAnally - Teacher
Mullen School

Michigan City, Indiana


"Your Magical World of Science program was on target. Your enthusiasm for science is contagious. Our students were excited and enjoyed the participation."
Bob Lindley - Principal
Boonville Junior High School

Boonville, Indiana


"Students are informed and entertained by Larry Wirtz's energetic presentation. I highly recommend The Magical World of Science for any school."
Mike McKittrick - Science Teacher
Washington Junior High School

Washington, Indiana


"He is and outstanding performer who sends a great message. The Follow the Leader program touched all of our hearts, made me think about our own character, and encourages us to care about others. The feeling after the program was one of awe."
Sue Cartwright - Principal
Cooks Corner Elementary School

Valparaiso, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz's program Follow the Leader was riveting and exciting for students of all ages. His magic tricks and light hearted humor brought smiles and laughter to the entire school. Each message was coupled with vivid visually stimulating posters and props, which allowed the students to easily follow along. It was a wonderful convocation that the students and teachers enjoyed while learning a valuable lesson."
Misty Stewart - Teacher
Albany Elementary School

Albany, Indiana


"Larry did an awesome job of keeping the students focused when he did the Red, White, Blue & YOU convocation. His use of information, magic, and personality in his presentation created a learning environment and entertained all of us!"
Deborah Washburn - Dean for Student Services
Lowell Elementary School

Indianapolis, Indiana


"I was extremely impressed with the Follow the Leader program today. The magic tricks that were used by Larry maintained the students' attention throughout the entire program. Thank you for such a needed and wonderful program. I appreciate it as a parant and a teacher."
Teresa Stinchcomb - Teacher
Manchester Elementary School

Aurora, Indiana


"The Follow the Leader assembly was entertaining, thought-provoking, and memorable! Mr. Wirtz managed to hold the attention of our K-6 school with ease. His message was relevant and inspiring. We would be glad to have him return!"
Karen Richardson - Administrative Assistant
Frankton Elementary School

Frankton, Indiana


"Your presentation of bullying was awesome! You made us laugh and cry. Our students will be inspired to be better people."
Mia Kouros - Teacher
Lake Prairie Elementary School

Lowell, Indiana


"It was a pleasure to have Larry at our school. In two separate programs, he did an outstanding job of both educating and entertaining our students. Larry's approach enabled him to keep the attention of our students. Most importantly, Larry's message was very effective education."
Phillip Gardner - Principal
Wes-Del High, Middle School

Gaston, Indiana


"Follow the Leader was very inspirational. He made us aware that we need to unite against bullies and bullying. He captured the kids' attention for the whole time. Great job!"
Anita Hillis - Teacher
All Saints Catholic School

Logansport, Indiana


"Larry's presentation of Follow the Leader was just excellent. He uses humor and magic as well as being very serious about bullies and bullying. He empowers the students to be able to handle bully situations. I highly recommend him!"
Rachel Stroop - Counselor
Lima-Brighton Elementary School

Howe, Indiana


"Your program on bullying was very good and geared just right for the elementary children.

I'm very sure it had many children thinking, 'Am I a bully?' 'I do those things.' 'That has happened to me.' I think it will help stop some children next time they begin to pick on someone.

Your musical ending brought tears to my eyes. It was very meaningful to me, as I'm sure it was to others."

Diane Russell - Teacher
Wanatah Public School

Wanatah, Indiana


"Mr. Wirtz presented an excellent program to our school community. The assembly was great and our staff and students also enjoyed the 'hands-on' classroom activities. His presentation was a positive experience for our school!"
Jim Dermondy - Principal
New Prairie Junior Elementary School

New Carlisle, Indiana


"This powerful message makes a connection with kids in all stages of bullying including the bully, victim, and bystanders. Larry's genuine and creative approach engaged our 6th grade students in this sensitive topic."
Melissa Parker - Teacher
Woodside Middle School

Fort Wayne, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz came to Griffith Middle School to present his Follow the Leader program. I thought his program did an outstanding job of addressing the bullying issues at our school and in the world outside. The program delivered many wonderful lessons and held the students' attention the entire time. I thoroughly enjoyed his program and feel that it would be a great use for any school's anti-bullying efforts."
Jaime Thomas - Counselor
Griffith Middle School

Griffith, Indiana


"Your program was awesome. The kids were totally engrossed in what you were saying and doing. I truly believe that more than one child will gain something from your presentation!"
Cindy Levack - Teacher
Central Elementary

Portage, Indiana


"Larry Wirtz was a wonderful presenter to kick-off our Science Fair. Our students and teachers were completely engaged the entire time. It was great that the items he used in the presentation were items the kids could find around the house."
Sarah Pierce - Asst. Principal
Floyds Knobs Elementary

Floyds Knobs, Indiana


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