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Garage Sale Science
Teacher Inservice

Understanding budget and time limitations on the classroom teacher, Larry has designed an interactive inservice that will excite your teachers to excite their students about science.

The whole premise of Garage Sale Science is that all of the experiments must be accomplished with household items, not expensive/abstract scientific equipment. If anything needs to be purchased, it could be easily found at a doller-type discount store. Larry's reasoning is that the scientific principles come alive when the teachers (and inevitably the students) are experiencing these experiments with common items that we are all familiar with. This drives home the point that science is a part of our everyday life!

What to expect:

The most common situation is: Win - Win for everyone!

Typically, Larry will present all-school science assemblies to excite your students about science. After the students are dismissed, Larry will conduct the staff development program in a room with tables and a sink with running water (typically an art room or kindergarten room is perfect). The room will be set up in stations with everything ready for some hands-on learning and fun.
  • The first part, Larry will answer any questions about the earlier program and elaborate on how they can incorporate it into their classroom schedule.
  • The second part, Larry will go through the various demonstrations giving the hows and the whys while providing tips, ideas and areas to be aware of.
  • Finally, the teachers will roll up their sleeves and dive right in.

This is a wonderful time of learning for them as they will see first hand that some of the activities are not as easy as it looks. They will be amazed that what they thought was the correct answer or solution is not always the case. This experience will remind the staff what the students are going through in their own learning adventure and equip the teachers on what to expect from their students.

This interactive session will cause all the participants to become involved with the experiments.