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Larry Wirtz Postal Box 837 Crown Point, IN 46308

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Your teachers will notice increased enthusiasm in their students after seeing The Magical World of Science. They will be eager to explore math and science further.


Larry Wirtz combines National Standards and State Educational Objectives with responses from educators on what they felt was needed to develop practical programs which correlate with classroom curriculum and school priorities.


Students and staff are exposed to a variety of scientific equipment and famous experiments that they may otherwise only read about in their texbooks!

Distinctive Approach

Knowing the correct level of educational material along with appropriate humor is the key ingredient to a program that is not too challenging or condescending.


Larry Wirtz and The Magical World of Science has produced a whole series of exciting convocations, keeping each return visit FRESH & NEW.

Fun & Excitement

Students have a great time while learning because the program is designed for them! Having a different educational and entertainment approach for lower and upper elementary, middle school and high school creates a non-generic, grade specific program with maximum results.

(optional) Hands on Workshops

A feature that has become overwhelmingly popular! The workshops give small groups the oppotunity to ask any questions and continue the learning adventure after the main program!